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Solar-11 (Display)

Electronic temperature control unit for swimming pool solar heating systems. Compact plastic housing with wall mounting hooks. Temperature adjusting knob with integrated on/off switch is placed in the front panel. Water and solar collector temperature and simultaneously shown on the integrated LCD display. The selected temperature is also shown on the display during the adjustment. The control unit is supplied including water temperature sensor (5 m cable) and solar temperature sensor (20 m cable). Artikel-Nr. 318.260.0040

Solar-11 (Display)2020-10-23T11:30:28+02:00

2-way valve with actuator (230V)

Actuator (230V) with a 2-way ball valve for solar absorber heating systems. The electric actuator is placed in a compact, splash proof plastic housing and is mounted directly on the ball valve. The current valve position is shown on the outside. This 2-way valve is designed for solar heating systems with the working pressure of max. 2 bar.

2-way valve with actuator (230V)2018-03-05T08:11:25+01:00

Solar-1 solar heating control

Electronic temperature control unit for swimming pool solar heating systems. This control unit is designed for a 230 V actuator and a 230 V circulation pump. The operation of the solar heating is indicated with the pilot light on the front panel. The electronics is placed in a compact plastic housing with wall mounting hooks. The temperature adjusting knob with integrated on/off switch is placed on the front panel.

Solar-1 solar heating control2022-03-28T10:49:12+02:00

Water level control NR-3

Water level control NR-3Electronic water level control unit with malfunction alarm for the triple sensor system. The control unit may be supplied either with the plunging electrodes or with the wall-mounting triple sensor system. The switching function may be reversed in its functionality, e.g. for draining of liquids. The sensor is not included in the delivery.

Water level control NR-32020-10-28T11:27:35+01:00

Skimmer control

Skimmer control Incl. capacitive sensor SK-1 with mounting rail. Cable [...]

Skimmer control2020-10-27T09:06:34+01:00

SNR-1609 water level control system

Electronic water level control with overflow protection and malfunction alarm. The built-in time delay prevents unnecessary switching by waves. A waterproof "mini" floating switch (IP 67) is included. This floating switch is mounted on the supplied rail and may be used as a "closer" or "opener". The 5 m long shielded probe cable may be extended to the max. 50 m length.

SNR-1609 water level control system2021-09-21T15:22:32+02:00

NR-12-TRS-2 water level control system

Electronic water level control unit for compensation (receiver) tanks in a black, shatter resistant plastic housing with the opening transparent front lid and a separated terminal clamps compartment. The control unit uses 5 level probes, but may be operated with only 4 probes as well, when the prompted switching of the filter pump is not required. You may find the matching level probes (V2A or V4A) in the "accessories" section below. NR-12-TRS-2 without magnet valve Item no. 303.000.0020 NR-12-TRS-2with muffled magnet valve Item no. 303.000.0030

NR-12-TRS-2 water level control system2020-10-28T09:54:47+01:00


Backwash control unit with microprocessor-controlled electronics, special plastic-coated sensor keypad and an alpha-numeric LCD display. Alternatively to the shown above EUROTRONIK-10 this control unit is also equipped with the filter operation time control for 230 V pumps. Item no. 310.480.0211

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