Fully automatic backwash control.

The electronic backwash control unit EUROTRONIK-20 switches on a programmed time-dependant basis the filter pump and conducts the necessary backwash and rinse operations. This control unit is mounted with our patented fast mounting utility on the 6-way multi-port valves and will automatically set the valve into the correct position. The backwash and rinse time duration may be adjusted and are shown on the LCD display.

The backwashing may be executed on time-dependant or on pressure-dependant basis. The adjustable pneumatic switch is available as an optional equipment (Part # 2000599015). The manual backwash start may be launched by pressing the appropriate button on the front panel of the control unit.

A connector for a 230 V motor valve allows to take the water necessary for backwashing directly from the swimming pool instead of the compensation (receiver) tank and to provide the fresh water feeding during the backwashing. An additional potential free relay contact may be used to control the second pump (backwash or air pressure) during the backwash operation.

A connector for the external temperature regulation allows the heating of the pool water during the filtering time. The internal blocking function ensures that the heating is enabled only when the filter pump is running.

In order to empty the swimming pool the 6-way multi-port valve may be set into the position “drain”. The appropriate control button is aslo placed on the front panel of the control unit. For servicing purposes the multi-port valve may be set into the “closed” position by pressing the another button.

The current valve position and the positon changes are shown on the LCD display and do not require the housing to be opened. The valve plate is lifted before rotation in order to prevent the unnecessary wear of the valve sealing gasket. The filter pump is switched off during this operation.
The control unit is equipped with the service terminal connector

Item no. 310.480.0211

  • Control of time- and pressure-dependant automatic backwashing
  • Patended quick mounting – for connection of almost all 1 1/2″ and 2″ 6-way valves
  • Plastic-coated keypad with LCD display
  • Two special buttons for direct control of the operation time of a 230 V filter pump.
  • Connector for osf-Service-Terminal

  • Filter pump
  • Backwash pump
  • Pneumatic switch
  • 2-way-ball valve (backwash water sampling)