Cluster switch.plus

8-port LAN switch for connecting several osf-controls Item no. 310.010.0055 [...]

Cluster switch.plus2020-10-22T13:39:17+02:00

PN-400/230-N (0-8 A)

     Connectable pump 230V-AC pump (ampacity to 8A) 400V-three-phase AC [...]

PN-400/230-N (0-8 A)2020-10-26T11:43:26+01:00

PN-220-3 kW

     Connectable pump 230V-AC pump (ampacity to 16A) Variable speed [...]

PN-220-3 kW2020-10-23T13:52:49+02:00


      Connectable pump 230V-AC pump (ampacity to 8A) Variable speed [...]



      Connectable pump 230V-AC pump (ampacity to 8A) Variable speed [...]


Remote control no. 31

Round control panel with membrane switch. 3 control buttons for [...]

Remote control no. 312020-03-19T09:35:51+01:00

Filter control S-400 / 230

Pool-Master-230-Solar Inexpensive filter control unit for 230 V or 400 V pumps, continuously adjustable electronic motor protection 0-8 A, connectors for heating / chemistry dosing equipment, connector for the osf service terminal. Size: 175 x 125 x 90 mm Part #300.020.0001

Filter control S-400 / 2302022-03-28T10:48:00+02:00

Filter control F-220

Compact, simple and easy to use budget class filter control unit for 230 V filter pump with built-in analog switch timer. Size: 165 x 100 x 80 mm Part #309.000.0600

Filter control F-2202020-10-22T13:38:18+02:00

Filter control Pool-Master-400

Filter control unit. Designed for a single or a triple-phase power supply. Analog switch timer, continuous electronic motor protection 0-8 A with malfunction alarm and fuse release function, pilot lights for filtering and heating. Incl. temperature sensor Ø 10 mm with 1,5 m cable. Part #300.280.0130

Filter control Pool-Master-4002020-10-22T13:23:53+02:00

Filter control Pool-Master-230-Solar

Inexpensive, reliable filter control unit for a single phase power supply. Specification as PM-230 but also with the control switch for solar heating system. Pilot light for filtering and solar heating. Including temperature sensor Ø 10 mm with 1,5 m cable and solar temperature sensor with 20 m cable.. Part #300.270.0000

Filter control Pool-Master-230-Solar2018-06-13T10:05:54+02:00
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