Electronic control for switching a maximum of 6 attractions. The switching output can either be switched from the EUROMATIK.net, external control panel, with buttons on the edge of the swimming pool or via the Internet. A runtime limitation and a timer is provided for each switching output. A symbol can be selected from a selection menu for each button on the graphic display. The nearest waterproof electric switch is suitable as an operating element.
This attraction control system is suitable for connection to EUROMATIK.net, but can also be operated independently.
Item no. 310.610.0000

Waterproof, electronic switch for underwater fitting.
Electronic switch for connecting to EL-400/230-N and to the attraction control system. This push switch is completely waterproof (IP68) and is therefore suitable for fitting below the water surface. The housing is cast in stainless steel, the cable length is 1.5 m. A fixing nut is included in delivery.
Item no. 108.100.5150

Round control panel with the plastic-coated sensor keypad (3 control buttons for the blower, massage pump, light) for the installation directly in the whirlpool.
Item no. 319.000.0571