Connectable pump

  • 230V-AC pump (ampacity to 8A)
  • 400V-three-phase AC pump ( ampacity 8A)

Variable speed pumps may not be connected.

This multifunctional system is a fully automatic filter and backwash control unit for a 1- and 3-phase power supply.

EUROMATIK-2000 is a proven backwash control system with separate actuator and water level control. It features robust plastic housing with transparent front lid and separate terminal box. Alternatively the EUROMATIK-2000 is also available with the overflow gutter cleaning function (but without solar heating function).

EUROMATIK-2000 with actuator- item #310.550.0200
EUROMATIK-2000 with overflow gutter cleaning – item #310.550.0168

  • Housing: 320 x 281 x 168 mm, protection class IP40
  • For 230 V and 400 V filter pumps
  • Electronic motor protection 0 – 8 A
  • Plastic coated keypad with illuminated buttons
  • Large LCD display
  • Electronic temperature control 0 – 40°C
  • Solar pool heating control (by connected solar temperature sensor)
  • Working hours counter and event counter
  • Backwash control with extra run time for the filter pump
  • Error messaging
  • 2 remote switches(e.g. for pool cover)
  • Safety temperature limitation
  • Free 230V switchable output
  • Connector for osf-Service-Terminal

  • External control panel
  • Heating 230V, potential free
  • Water treatment system 230V, potential free
  • 24V actuator
  • Hang-in water level probes or mini floating switch
  • Solar heating actuator
  • Flow rate control switch
  • Backwash pump (potential free)
  • Connection of hydraulic valves (backwash / rinse)

  • EUROMATIK-2000 (main control unit)
  • Actuator 24V
  • Link cable and temperature sensor Ø 10 mm with 1,5 m cable