Connectable pump

  • 230V-AC pump (ampacity to 8A)
  • 400V-three-phase AC pump ( ampacity 8A)

Variable speed pumps may not be connected.

EUROMATIK with hydraulic valve control function.

This multifunctional osf swimming pool control system combines in one unit all control functions one may need for a swimming pool: filter control, water level and backwash control for hydraulic valves etc.
This ensures the most optimal operation of all functions (no risk that one function may interfere with another one) and significantly reduces the installation and commissioning time.

EUROMATIK is the top-class microprocessor-controlled system in a compact plastic housing with the transparent front lid and separated terminal box. It can be connected to the single- or three-phase power source and is equipped with the continuously variable electronic motor protection 0 – 8 A.

EUROMATIK is equipped with the big LCD-display and comfortable digital plastic coated keypad with back-lit buttons (all buttons have pictograms for user’s convenience).
Item no. 310.550.0201

  • Digital plastic-coated keypad with back-lit buttons
  • large LCD-display
  • electronic temperature control
  • solar control (if a solar sensor is connected)
  • water level control for swimming pools with overflow gutter or skimmer
  • counter for working hours and special events
  • error (malfunction) messaging
  • 2 remote on/off switches e.g. for motorized pool cover
  • free 230 V output (e.g. for underwater lamp)
  • connector for osf-service terminal
  • hydraulic valve control (backwash, rinse).
  • Housing 320 x 281 x 168 mm
  • Protection class IP 40
  • With temperature sensor Ø 10 mm and 1,5 m cabl

  • external control panel
  • heating (230 V, potential free)
  • dosing/water treatment equipment (230 V, potential free)
  • 24V motor valve for backwash with 6-way multi-port valve
  • hang-in electrodes or mini floating switch
  • solar motor valve
  • flow rate control
  • backwash pump (potential free)
  • hydralic valves
  • RS-485 connector.

EUROMATIK actuator 24V
Fast-mounting utility allows trouble-free installation on almost all kinds of 1 1/2” and 2” 6-way multi-port valves.
Part #310.550.0161

Adapter for Astral 2″ valve
Part #120.029.9200

Electrodes, set of 5
5 hang-in electrodes with protective plastic coating, including electrodes holder. Cable: 3 m lenght, water and ozone resistant.

  • stainless steel V2A – part #303.000.0012
  • stainless steel V4A – part #303.000.0015
Mini swimming switch (Set)
Including 5 m cable and holder.Part #303.000.0047
Solar sensor “Digital”
Cable length 20 mPart #303.000.0033
Connection cable with connectors
Special cable for simple and secure connection of the 24 V actuator to the EUROMATIK control unit. 3 m cable.
Part #202.160.0420
Plunge capsule G 1/2″ ext. thread
For osf temperature sensor Ø 10 mm, solid brass, nickel and chrome plated, 35 mm length
Part #320.020.0001 Plunge capsule G 1/2″ ext. thread
For osf temperature sensor Ø 10 mm, V2A stainless steel, 35 mm length
Part #320.020.0003 Plunge capsule G 1/2″ ext. thread, long
For osf temperature sensor Ø 10 mm, solid brass, nickel and chrome plated, 65 mm length
Part #320.020.0002