Item no.: 317.000.1000
Remote display with graphic screen, alternating readouts and Internet connection.
Pool display with universal multiple readouts in one device. The colour monitor can be configured to display one, two or three values at once. It can also display chlorine, pH and Redox values in addition to water temperature, air temperature and air humidity. The data is obtained either from the connected osf – sensors or via the digital and analog interfaces.

When connected to the osf –  bus, the Pool Display will also show any error messages from the osf – controllers. For instance it can indicate when dosing canisters are empty.An osf – electronic pushbutton fitted to the pool wall can be used to actuate a swim timer and a counter-current system. Connections to the Internet and a BMS system are possible thanks to the built-in osf – Web server. The product comes as a combined package of flush-mount touchscreen display and central control unit.