The „WATERFRIEND exclusiv“ system delivers the latest technology of automatic water quality control. Several microprocessors are responsible for control of different parameters. Apart from that they also control each other, thus providing the optimal reliabiltity and safety in use. Colour LED provide information about calibration state.
The standard delivery includes :

  • control unit with the large LCD display (multi-language support)
  • 2 dosing pumps (max 10 l/h) with variable speed motors
  • 2 electrodes mit osf-amplifiers
  • high quality flow rate control unit
  • 2 teflon injectors
  • illuminated osf flow chambers (transparent) with colour-coded calibration indication
  • 2 suction lances with floating switch
  • 3 different buffer solutions (50 ml)
  • test water side and dosing side tubes, 10 m each
  • 2 test water collection faucets
  • fittings and small parts

The high performance dosing pumps are driven by the speical motors with adjustable speed. It is possible to adjust the flow rate from 0 to 10 l per hour.
This intelligent speed control allows to flexibly suit the system to various size swimming pools, different water temperature and user profiles.
The unit is serially equipped with the RS-485 connector for connection to the osf-bus system and to our Pool-Control-TOUCH controls. In such combination the remote monitoring of the „WATERFRIEND exclusiv“ system can be done via computer network, mobile phone or WLAN.

Item no. 310.000.0820

External touch control panel
Item no. 310.000.0700
Lance pH, with float switch
item no. 209.000.4850
with black canister lid, suction strainer, check valve and empty signal contact. Including 2m connection cable.Lance chlorine, with float switch
item no. 209.000.4851
However, with a white tank lid


Buffer solutions
Set for pH and Redox. Consists of one bottle with 50 ml pH4, pH7 and 468 mV each.
Item no. 310.000.0801

WATERFRIEND electrodes

  • pH-electrode – item no. 212.060.0702
  • Redox-electrode – item no. 212.060.0712

Injector of teflon
Injector 1/2″, white
Item no. 212.060.0720

Replacement pump tube
For dosing pump item no. 221.103.0178
Filter insert (inox steel) for test water filter item no. 209.000.4861
Dosing tube 10 m tube 6×4 item no.121.090.9110

The colour-coded LEDs located in the flow chamber behind the electrodes show fast and reliably the current calibration state. Quick information at a glance!