Measuring and control system for active oxygen and pH
The “WATERFRIEND oxygen” metering unit contains a graphics monitor with user-friendly menu navigation.
The metering unit, including the control system, pH sensor, flow fitting, dirt filter and metering pumps are fitted in a plastic housing for wall mounting.
Included in delivery are a pH sensor (combination electrode), 1 flow rate meter, 2 metering pumps, 2 suction lances, 2 injection valves, 2 buffer solutions, 10 m measurement water hose, 10 m metering hose, 2 measurement water extraction points, 1 measuring cup, connection and fixing material.

The RGB colour light with colour change visualises the service intervals and error messages.
The high-quality, powerful metering pumps are driven by speed-controlled stepper motors. This means that the delivery quantity can be set within a range of 0 to 10 litres per hour. This intelligent speed regulation enables versatile application fields and adaptation to different pool sizes, water temperatures and user profiles for the swimming pool or whirlpool equipment.Item no. 310.000.0880

External touch control panel ( ush-mounted)
Item no. 310.000.0700

Retrofit kit for redox MRD-1
(Redox electrode, transmitters, software update)
With this retrofit kit “redox” the WATERFRIEND MRD-1 (oxygen and pH) be upgraded to a WATERFRIEND MRD-2 (redox and pH).

Lance pH, with float switch
item no. 209.000.4850
with black canister lid, suction strainer, check valve and empty signal contact. Including 2m connection cable.Lance chlorine, with float switch
item no. 209.000.4851
However, with a white tank lid